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March 17, 2020

Judy Maggio

Judy Maggio and the Austin PBS staff volunteer at Community First! Village.

Judy Maggio and the Austin PBS staff volunteer at Community First! Village.

This is a trying time for our community and our country. The coronavirus pandemic is uncharted territory with an ever-changing course. What we DO know is Covid-19 is impacting how we work, how we play and how we connect with one another.

The highest calling of journalists is seeking the truth and giving people solid, well-sourced information during a crisis to help keep them safe and make the best decisions possible for themselves and their families. Our Decibel news team is dedicated to doing just that. We’ve launched our new website at this critical time to provide you the latest, local information on Covid-19 in Central Texas.

You’ll also find other key issues our dedicated group of journalists have covered during the past 3 years; everything from homelessness to healthcare to education and the environment. Decibel is committed to taking a thoughtful, thorough look at community concerns and amplifying positive solutions. This is community-supported, non-profit journalism and we are here to serve the public.

We at Austin PBS often think back to our beloved Mister Rogers as we search for answers during difficult times. The late Fred Rogers advised us to “look for the helpers” when you are anxious or afraid. So, one mission of our Covid-19 coverage is to help the helpers. We want to aid nonprofits in amplifying their work and help close the gap in resources and understanding, especially as it relates to our city’s most vulnerable citizens. If you work with a nonprofit or volunteer for one, please take a minute to fill out this short survey. It will help us better engage with the community and serve as a hub that can help the helpers.


As the impact of the ongoing pandemic continues to shape our lives, it’s easy to get distracted by the deluge of bad news or feel like your individual actions don’t matter much. But kindness and generosity can help us all feel a little more hopeful and connected to humankind as we weather this storm together.

Welcome to our website and thank you for trusting us to keep you informed during this turbulent time and beyond.

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