Dove Springs Kids Describe Their Dream Homes

By Blair Waltman-Alexin | Friday, September 1st 2023

Stories around housing can sometimes feel burdensome. The topics often circle around things that are lacking: rent money, land, impervious cover. But there are also stories about hopes and dreams for the future. And rarely do those stories get more fun than when talking to kids.

In early August, a Back To School Bash was held at the George Morales Dove Springs Recreation Center. The Decibel team attended, handing out PBS Kids stickers and Decibel reporter notebooks. And since our latest reporting project is going to center around housing, we took the opportunity to ask some of the kids what their dream home would look like. Everyone had wildly different ideas, but they all had one thing in common: none lacked creativity or flair.

Gunner “In my dream house, there would be a huge Lego room with a big TV so I can watch Kratt Brothers.”

Claudia “Like Barbie’s, but rainbow. …my dad and my mom and my brother [would live with me].”

Ian, Noa and Aaron “It would be a house with a swimming pool on the side, and a kitchen, and then at the front of the house a basketball course thing.” -Ian

“I agree, I agree,” -Aaron

“I agree also.” -Noa

Axel “It would be blue, and it would have two stories, and that’s it.”

Yoann “It’s behind McDonald’s and Taco Bell … and my house has a pool. …Plus my house has two playgrounds.”

Logan “A candy house [made of] lollipops.”

Julian “A race car, so I could actually drive it.”

Carselynn “All blue, with a pool and ten beds. And a hot tub room. And it would be made of candy … and it would have a giant pool on the roof.”

Davontae “My dream house will have a big swimming pool in the backyard. And it would have a water slide, and a basketball court. And it’ll be three stories tall. And that’s about it.”

The next few months will see us get into some serious topics around housing, including energy bills and flooding. But talking with Dove Springs students is a good reminder to take a moment and dwell on future possibilities, lollipops and all.

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