Cancelled College Graduation: Thoughts From Central Texas Seniors

Tuesday, May 5th 2020

The pandemic has forced colleges across the country to cancel, postpone or move their graduation ceremonies online. We asked graduating seniors from Central Texas how the decision impacted their lives. Here’s a few of the things they had to say.

Grace Obanigba - The University of Texas at Austin

Major: Public Health

“I'm really, really upset about that, cause I was really looking forward to all my family coming looking forward to all my family coming and having fun with all of my friends that whole weekend.”

Rosie Kamau - St. Edward’s University

Major: International Relations

“Right now what I'm choosing to focus on is that the degree has been gotten, secured, earned, whatever you wanna call it, I did that process and I'm gonna be able to get my degree. And that I'm very thankful for.”

Kassa Kassahun - The University of Texas at Austin

Major: Public Health/Pre-Med

“When it comes to my plans after graduation, I'm pre med, so I plan on taking a gap year or two.And then using that time to make sure I got my MCAT in order.”

Omosigho Omorotionwan - Texas State University

Major: Psychology

“Although we still get to get our Diploma, it just feels way much better and fulfilling when you cross the stage.”

Nicky Pownall - The University of Texas at Austin

Major: International Relations and Global Studies

“And just not knowing when you'll see people that you became very close with and made lifelong friends with again. When this is like the culminating event of all of your work, and all of your accomplishments over the last four years of the University.”

Lucky Nguyen - The University of Texas at Austin

Major: Radio, Television and Film

“I especially feel for first generation minority students because of all the academic, financial, social challenges that we dealt with. And you know, graduation was going to be closure that we made it through.”

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